Our Process & Guarantee

Our Process

We take great care with your treasured timepiece and want you to be happy with your service. All maintenance and repair costs are discussed with you before any work is done.

First, the movement is taken apart and cleaned, examined for wear and damage, and checked for correct operation. The necessary repair work is carried out including repairing the pinions, polishing the pivots, bushing worn pivot holes, checking and repairing the mainspring ratchets, testing and correcting wheel meshing, and checking the mainsprings. The parts are cleaned again, the pivot holes cleaned with peg wood, the pivots given final cleaning, and the movement is assembled and lubricated. Then the movement is tested with minimum power.

The movement is installed, put in beat and any other necessary adjustments made. Finally, the clock is tested for at least two days while it is being regulated for correct timekeeping.

You will be notified by phone that your treasure is ready to go home.

We Guarantee our Repairs

If clockworks of Montgomery does a complete overhaul, we will guarantee our work for 1-year on spring powered (wind up) and Grandfather clocks. We guarantee that all work accomplished will be done in a workmanlike manner consistent with the latest Horological techniques applicable to your model and vintage. This covers all of our work and any parts we install.

If you feel your clock needs repair within the 1-year guarantee period, please call us.