Services Offered:

  • I am your local “Authorized Howard Miller and Ridgeway Service Center.” If you have purchased A Howard Miller Clock and it’s not running properly, please call us.
  • If you have moved into town or planning to move, I do set ups of grandfather clocks and I prepare grandfather clocks for moving. Please call and make an appointment.
  • We repair most makes and models of mechanical clocks.
  • We DO NOT accept clocks made in Korea or China for repair.
  • I am a mobile clock repairperson in Montgomery, Alabama. I offer pickup and delivery on clocks in the City of Montgomery. Pickup/Delivery or Grandfather clock repair is available in your home in Central Alabama at additional cost.
  • All maintenance and repairs for residential clocks.
  • Most makes and models of grandfather, grandmother, and cuckoo clocks, wall clocks, mantle clocks. May be subject to the availability of parts.
  • Appointments are available Monday through Friday, mornings and afternoons.
  • Grandfather & Grandmother Clocks
  • Oiling and cleaning.
  • Replacement of entire movement and other parts repaired or replaced.
  • Prepare clocks for moving by disarming them or rearming them after moving to another location.

What Do I repair?

  • We Repair Only Clocks.     We DO NOT Repair Watches.

Mechanical Clocks

  • Cleaning and oiling
  • Repair or replace all mechanical movement dependent on availability of parts
  • Most require a key for operating

Cuckoo Clocks

  • Cleaning and oiling
  • Repair or replacement of clock movement.

Useful Information About Clocks

  • Some mechanical and electrical clocks can be converted to Quartz clocks. Each clock has to be evaluated before a decision can be made.
  • Upon request, directions are given for all clocks to ensure proper operating.
  • All maintenance and repair costs are discussed with you before any work is done.
  • Please DO NOT try to oil your own clock unless you have the experience, directions, and clock oil.
  • Oil mechanical clocks every three years.
  • All mechanical clocks need to be properly leveled to ensure proper operation