Clock Repair

Windup clocks need overhauling about every 10 – 12 years. The environment in which the clock is used plays a major role in how long it will run between overhauls.

We repair most makes and models of mechanical clocks. This includes replacement of entire movement and other parts repaired or replaced, dependent on availability of parts. Upon request, directions are given for all clocks to ensure proper operating.

I am your local “Authorized Howard Miller and Ridgeway Service Center.” If you have purchased A Howard Miller Clock and it’s not running properly, please call us.

Makes and models

  • Antique clocks
  • Grandfather clocks
  • Grandmother clocks
  • Cuckoo clocks
  • Wall clocks
  • Mantle clocks
  • Mechanical clocks (most require a key to operate)
  • Please note: We DO NOT repair watches or clocks made in Korea or China.

Clock Maintenance

Includes all maintenance (oiling and cleaning) and repairs for residential clocks.

Your clock, being a precision mechanism, needs periodic maintenance to keep it running reliably and to give it long life. We recommend the following: After using it for three years, bring the clock in for maintenance. We will check the condition of the movement and check that the mainspring ratchets are secure. We will tell you if the clock needs an overhaul or will be okay for several more years.

Clock Moving Preparation

If you have moved into town or planning to move, I do set ups of grandfather clocks and I prepare grandfather clocks for moving. Please call and make an appointment.

Why your clock won’t run forever

As dust gets in the mechanism the oil becomes an abrasive paste, which causes wear. The longer the clock runs in this condition the more repair it will need. Many American clocks have very strong mainsprings which will run the clock for years after the oil has gone bad, causing severe wear to pivots and pivot holes. If your clock stops and you spray it with oil to make it go again, it will continue to wear badly because it is still dirty.